Lost Fishermen’s Memorial

The Lost Fishermen’s Memorial Park is located in the small fishing village of Lubec, Maine. The goal of the park is to honor the brave souls that have lost their lives in the fishing industry off the waters of Washington County, Maine and Charlotte County, New Brunswick, Canada. The names listed below are the fishermen that are honored on the park’s Wave sculpture created by Maine grainte scultptor Jesse Salisbury. It is the goal of this website to not only provide a corresponding list of the names etched onto the park’s sculpture, but also a place to provide biographical information, pictures, and stories of the fishermen that we honor. The list of names on both the website and the sculpture are of fishermen that either perished in the waters of Washington County, Maine or Charlotte County, New Brunswick, or fishermen that lived in those two counties and were lost in other waters while fishing. The list also includes those lost between the year 1900 and present day. ¬†Source: http://www.lfmpark.com website


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