Lubec, Maine


Lubec Comprehensive Plan and Broadband Survey

LUBEC 4th of July 2022 SCHEDULE FINAL 06-27-2022

The Lubec Town wide revaluation is in progress. Jacki Robbins will begin making  property visits for assessing.


Updated 4/21/2022

Official Website ~The Town of Lubec is situated on the coast of Maine. According to the US Census of 2010, it’s population is 1,359, with an increase during the busier summer months. Geographically, it is the Easternmost point of land in the contiguous United States. West Quoddy Head lighthouse is easily accessible and is a popular tourist destination. Lubec is a gateway to neighboring Campobello Island, New Brunswick Canada. Explore our website to find tourist information, current events, community directory and more!

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Official Website of the Town of Lubec