Committees & Appointed Positions

Board of Appeals

“Serving on a municipal board of appeals is one of the most difficult jobs that a citizen can volunteer to do. The appeals board must decide legal questions in accordance with local ordinances, State Laws, and court cases. Often those decisions will seem harsh and contrary to “common sense,” both to board members and to the general public. This is particularly true when the board is asked to decide a request for a variance. However, the board is bound to follow the law until the law is changed. Explaining this to citizens seeking help from the board probably is one of the boards’ most unpleasant tasks.” ~Local Board of Appeals, December 2010 edition

Wanda Matthews
Peter Boyce
Michael Scrivani (resigned)

Budget Committee

“The Budget Committee shall make recommendations to the Town on proposed expenditures and aid the municipal officers in determining  recommended expenditures. In addition, the Budget Committee shall make recommendations to the School Board of Directors in determining recommended expenditures.” ~Lubec Town Charter click to view

Debbie Holmes
Ginny Morano

Shellfish Committee

the shellfish committee is a group that actively monitors, manages and preserves shellfish harvesting along Lubec’s 90+ miles of shoreland. Click to view Shellfish Ordinance with complete Shellfish Committee description

Tracey Sawtelle
James Fitzgerald
Dennis Huckins (resigned)
Carol Dennison
Amanda Lyons
Ricky Wright

Shellfish Warden

Troy Tinker

Planning Board

“The board shall prepare or supervise the preparation of a Comprehensive Plan as defined by 30 MRSA section 4960-C unless directed otherwise by the Lubec Board of Selectmen; The board shall perform such duties and exercise such powers as are provided by the Town of Lubec ordinance and the laws of the State of Maine; the Board may obtain goods and services necessary to its proper function within the limits of appropriations made for the purpose.” ~Lubec Planning Board Ordinance

Cecil Moores
Marilyn Ness
Debbie Holmes
Sharon Yates
Kevin Boston
Associate Members of the Planning Board
Michael Scrivani

Revolving Loan Fund Committee

The Board of Selectmen shall appoint a board of 5 trustees to oversee the activities of the RLF. The RLF trustees shall appoint, supervise and coordinate the activities of the RLF administrator; evaluate all loan applications; ensure the proper application of RLF funds; encourage the employment of low-to-moderate income citizens of Lubec through the creation of new job opportunities; and report activities of the RLF to the Board of Selectmen. The complete RLF by-laws are available at the town office.

William Corey
Cecil Moores
Dan Wagner
Peter Boyce
Michael Scrivani
Suzette Francis- Administrator
Renee Gray-Deputy Administrator

Harbor Board

“Trustees shall provide reports to the Town on an annual basis and shall provide information regarding the operation of the harbor to the Board of Selectmen as necessary.”  click to view the Harbor Ordinance

Sean Caricofe
Gregory McConnell II
Peter Boyce
Ricky Wright
Tony Cannone (Selectman)

Economic Development Committee

Carol Dennison
Barbara Frazier
Katherine Cassidy
John Sutherland
Joe Piscadlo
Stephanie Teslow
Lisa Ennis
Rachel Rubeor
Denise Rule
Mike Pivirotto

Recycling Committee

The purpose of the Recycling Committee is to seek ways to increase Lubec citizens participation in the Recycling program. By brainstorming ideas, the committee hopes to promote Recycling at the local level to help the environment, save on transfer station waste costs, and teach our future generations that this is the new norm.

David Aldrich
Kenneth Moores
Rachel Rubeor
Michael Scrivani
Ruta Jordans (Resigned)
David Dean(Resigned)

4th of July Committee

A group of volunteers that help plan and manage activities for the 4th of July Celebration

Kelli Hall
Wanda Matthews

Pirates Invasion Committee

A group of volunteers that help plan and manage activities for the annual Pirate Invasion.

Jenny Brown
Shirley Brown
Ruby Browne

Fall Festival Committee

A group of volunteers that help plan and manage activities for the Fall Festival.
Shirley Brown
Jenny Brown
Ruby Browne

Marion Transfer Station Board of Director

Michael Scrivani
Rachel Rubeor (Alternate)

Washington County Emergency Medical Services Director

Joanne Case
Robert Hood (Alternate)

Harbor Master

Ralph Dennison 733-4607

Animal Control Officer

Rhonda Welcome (733-4844 and 315-1580)

Health Officer

Marlene Gilpatrick

Emergency Management Director

Tony Cannone- Director
Daniel Wagner- Assistant Director
Carol Dennison- Assistant Director

MSAD #19 Offices & Directors

Superintendent– Ken Johnson
Principal– Lovina (Tina) Wormell

Board of Directors
Brianne Seavey 2019 (Resigned)
Michael Evers-Jenkins 2017
Crystal Wood 2019
Jenny Brown 2018
Natasha Robinson 2018 (Resigned)
Wanda Mathews 2017

Lubec Water District Trustees

Randy Hall
Dallas Hood
David Marston

Christmas Parade Committee

Wanda Matthews
Sharon McGonigal


Jonathan McClure

Downtown Revitalization Committee

Denise Rule
Arthur Pivirotto
Jody Grimes
Deanna Newman

Bike Maine Committee (Ad-Hoc)

Dan Wagner
Ruta Jordans
John Sutherland
Frank Theriault
Renee Gray

Quoddy TV Committee

Renee Gray
David Aldridge
Mary Greene
Becca Greene
Jonathan Stence
Dan Wagner
Sara McConnell



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