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A Notice from The Code Enforcement Officer, Kevin Brodie:  

~CEO-Notice- State Rule~
For: Property Owners in Shoreland Zone
RE: Excavation Contractors
As of January 1, 2013, any excavation contractor that engages in an activity that disturbs, or displaces more than one cubic yard of soil within the shoreland zone must ensure that a person certified by the DEP in erosion and sedimentation control practices is on-site. The certified contractor must be on-site each day earth-moving activities occur and for a sufficient duration to ensure the proper implementation of erosion and sedimentation control practices. This is required until the site is permanently stabilized. This means that each each day earth-moving occurs the certified contractor must visit the site to make sure all controls are up and functioning, but that person does not need to stay there the entire day. This must occur until earth-moving ceases and the site is permanently stabilized or if the be vegetated, controls will remain in place until vegetated. An excavation contractor is defined as either: –An individual or firm engaged in a business that causes the disturbance of soil, including grading, filling and   removal, or — In a business in which the disturbance of soil results from an activity that the individual or firm is retained to perform. This does not apply to those engaged in agriculture, timber harvesting, municipal employees working on municipal projects, or to homeowners doing the work themselves.
“When an excavation contractor will perform the activities, compliance with the following shall be required: (a) A person certified in erosion control practices by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection shall be responsible for management of erosion and sedimentation control practices at the site. This person shall be present at the site each day earth-moving activity occurs for a duration that is sufficient to ensure that proper erosion and sedimentation control measures have been installed, which will either stay in place permanently or stay in place until the area is sufficiently covered with vegetation necessary to prevent soil erosion. (b) Include on the required plan or permit application, the name and certification number of the person who will oversee activities causing or resulting in soil disturbance.”
The definition of excavation contractor may be found at: 38 M.R.S.A.§ 439-B
The definition of a Shoreland zone may be found at:
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