Lubec Municipal Airport is the easternmost airport in the contiguous United States. With its close proximity to Campobello, New Brunswick, it also makes it an international Airport with US Customs nearby to check-in foreign visitors. The 2,080 ft runway consists of turf which is maintained seasonally. In the winter, there is a space cleared to allow for the landing of Lifeflight.  The airport lights can be activated by pilots with mic clicks on frequency 122.8.

Currently there are no fees to use the Lubec Municipal Airport, but donations may be sent to: Lubec Airport, 40 School Street, Lubec ME 04652. Funds will be used for maintenance.

Airport history: In 1954, Carroll Peacock purchased the land and built a 1200ft runway. In 1958, the FAA extended the runway 880 ft giving the total runway length now 2,080 ft.  Mr. Peacock then donated the runway to the Town of Lubec. The runway lights and wiring were replaced in 1972. In 2018, an upgrade took place thanks to Cobscook Shores Inc contributions. A new building was purchased to house the electrical components, a new beacon and windsock was installed on mast, and new radio equipment for the runway lights activation was installed. In 2021, the Town of Lubec began working with some local donors to upgrade the wiring and runway lights/approach lights as the 2nd and final phase for upgrades. The upgrades were completed in November of 2021.

2020 logged 20 aircraft landings at the Lubec Municipal Airport.
2019 logged 18 aircraft landings at the Lubec Municipal Airport

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