Flat Closures/Openings Affecting Lubec

Shellfish Committee Meeting Dates:

The October  Shellfish Meeting will be the 11th at 5pm.

Shellfish Meetings are held second Monday of the Month at 6pm.

Lubec Conservation Closure 4-15-16 to 11-15-2016


Phone Number to call to check for Red Tide and Fresh Water Closures: 1-800-232-4733
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Attention All Lubec Clammers and Wrinklers:
The end of the Lead Mine Road to Bassett Creek is a private development road and not a town owned road. Therefore, access to Bassett Creek flats is only accessible by boat.

The new Shellfish Warden for Lubec is Bob Jean. He may be reached at: (207) 951-9111 or 951-9888. Email: bob@bobjean.com


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